The Causal Angel (Jean le Flambeur) por Hannu Rajaniemi

The Causal Angel (Jean le Flambeur) por Hannu Rajaniemi
Titulo del libro : The Causal Angel (Jean le Flambeur)
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 17, 2014
Autor : Hannu Rajaniemi
Número de páginas : 303
Editor : Gollancz

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Hannu Rajaniemi con The Causal Angel (Jean le Flambeur)

With his infectious love of storytelling in all its forms, his rich characterisation and his unrivalled grasp of thrillingly bizarre cutting-edge science Hannu Rajaniemi has swiftly set a new benchmark for SF in the 21st century. And now with his third novel he completes the tale of his gentleman rogue, the many lives and minds of Jean de Flambeur.

Influenced as much by the fin de siecle novels of Maurice leBlanc as he is by the greats of SF Rajaniemi weaves, intricate, warm capers through dazzling science, extraordinary visions of wild future and deep conjecture on the nature of reality and story.

And now we find out what will happen to Jean, his employer Miele, the independently minded ship Perhonnen and the rest of a fractured and diverse humanity flung through the solar system.