The Future Is Wild por Dougal Dixon, John Adams

The Future Is Wild por Dougal Dixon, John Adams
Titulo del libro : The Future Is Wild
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 7, 2002
Autor : Dougal Dixon, John Adams
Número de páginas : 160
ISBN : 1552977234
Editor : Firefly Books

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Dougal Dixon, John Adams con The Future Is Wild

Imagine the world in the far distant future -- a world without humans, a world so different from ours that, until now, it's been impossible to consider.

What creatures will roam the land or swim in the oceans? The Future Is Wild brings to life a world of amazing creatures and sets them loose in our imagination.

Based on fundamental biological and evolutionary principles, they could -- and may yet -- exist: 5 million years from now. It cannot fly, but the carakiller is the Amazon's swiftest predator. 100 million years from now. Toratons, descendents of tortoises, are the biggest animals ever to walk the Earth. 200 million years from now. Warrior terabytes disable victims by spraying chemicals at them.

In five million years, Northern Europe and North America are covered by ice sheets. Only the hardiest, most adaptable species are able to survive. In 100 million years, Earth is a global hothouse, brimming with life. Another 100 million years and Earth is a single, huge supercontinent and one vast, warm ocean.

Using state-of-the-art computer animation, The Future Is Wild is able to transform the imagination into actual images, creating a living world of strange creatures and extraordinary habitats.