Sibling Rivalry: Seven Simple Solutions por Karen Doherty

Sibling Rivalry: Seven Simple Solutions por Karen Doherty
Titulo del libro : Sibling Rivalry: Seven Simple Solutions
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 29, 2010
Autor : Karen Doherty
Número de páginas : 304
ISBN : 0593059166
Editor : Bantam Press

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Karen Doherty con Sibling Rivalry: Seven Simple Solutions

THE breakthrough guide to solving SIBLING RIVALRY! * Do your children ever argue, fight or wind each other up? * Do they get competitive, jealous or vie for your attention? * Do you feel powerless to stop their squabbling? * Do you long for a better atmosphere at home? In the follow-up to their bestseller, Seven Secrets of Successful Parenting, Karen Doherty and Georgia Coleridge tackle Sibling Rivalry. Now, in this ingenious guide, Karen and Georgia use their seven ground-breaking parenting styles to resolve your family's problems; from small, petty irritations to deep seated rifts and resentments that can last for years. Incorporating masses of original material, with cutting-edge advice from both professionals and parents, they'll help you to: * Stop your children's arguments in their tracks * Help them resolve their disagreements * Dissipate jealousy and resentment * Create a happier family Practical, flexible and packed full of clear, reassuring advice, Sibling Rivalry - Seven Simple Solutions will help your children get on better now and long into the future. It's ESSENTIAL READING FOR EVERY FAMILY!